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Why is VETEMENTS changing its name?
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Why is VETEMENTS changing its name? 

Vetements might be ready to change its name after the trademark filings uncovered by The Fashion Law reveal that Zurich based brand is either getting ready to change its name entirely or release a sub-label. From past one year, Vetements has filed more than 25 different trademark applications for registration with intellectual property offices in various territories including the USA, Italy, Singapore, the European Union, and Switzerland, for “VTMNTS.” According to sources, the new name is intended to be used on everything from garments and accessories, and retail store services to fragrances, eyewear, and jewelry. There are many speculations about this move, maybe they are to launch a sub-label or its just a radical new brand direction, only Vetements could know this.

A name change’s major reason could be that “Vetements” literally means “clothes” in French, the brand has faced significant pushback from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in response to trademark applications – as the name merely describes the types of goods that it makes and sells. Vetements have already used the vowel dropped branding on many pieces “VTMNTS” and could be simply trying to move off the hassle of their logo laden designs and patents.

Vetements is famous for its unusual and absurd moves and they recently hinted this on their Instagram. CEO of Vetements broke the silence on Vetements Burger and told they were always looking to do alternative and exciting things. Maybe Vetements food line and brand name change has something big coming up for the brand?

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