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Z-Aglet: Own Your Barcode
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Z-Aglet: Own Your Barcode 

Z Aglet owes its creation to bringing the aesthetic of fine Art in everyday Gen Z fashion. The aim was to create a product that is in itself a piece of art. We value the individually crafted pieces created by hand and their meticulous designs by Italian artisanal designers.

Gen Z culture is revolving around the ethics of consumption in fashion- in the age of technology everything is rapidly changing hence Z Aglet materialized a design that contradicts the fast fashion movement and leans more towards the ‘buy quality, buy less’ concept. The brand allows the consumer to co-relate with the products through various sources of inspiration gathered from Gen Z culture.

Z-Aglet is the world’s first leather sneaker brand born in Florence, Italy – a place where the cultural link to leather dates back to the Renaissance period and today is known for the finest leather goods in the world. Wielding the name of the most intricate shoe element, i.e., AGLET; as was the case with Michelangelo and David, the brand as a whole represents artistic values inspired by the impregnated thoughts of the artist, not by the material it utilizes.

zaglet image

Speaking of materials, Z-Aglet preaches the idea of sustainability from the seed phase up to the finished product.

The in-house testing facilities thoroughly check for any improper chemicals and the quality of leather. Thus ensuring only the best of the best on the final product for the wearer and bringing no harm to the environment.

Differentiating itself from the crowd of sneaker manufacturers, the brand’s ideology of distinctiveness is ensured with its ethos that is synonymous with the idea of barcode – Unique yet characteristic. And there is One for Each. Reeking of luxury, intricate craftsmanship, and a pure sense of style for the wearer, each piece is a pure work of art and is aimed to bestow a unique identity on its own. The products offered by Z-Aglet boast 100% fine Italian Nappa leather crafted purely by the efforts of hands out of raw materials obtained by sustainable sources. The attention to detail in each pair is unmatched, reflected by the namesake – AGLET, an often disregarded ingredient.

Presenting to you, Z Aglet– a shoe that bestows a unique identity to its wearer.

Inspired by high Art and brought to you to #ownyourbarcode

Made using 100% Italian Nappa Leather and Designed in Italy

Here They Are:

Strikes’ 12

zaglet strikes

Don’t be deceived by the Goth energy of Z Aglet Strikes’ 12. Suave blacks, granite, the subtle addition of patented shine, and textured grey Italian Nappa make this shoe a vibe in itself.

Shallow Lake

zaglet shallow lake

Z Aglet Shallow Lake is crafted with beautiful grey Italian Nappa, patented reptilian (iridescent)  embossed strip, and signature barcode inside and out.

Sunflower Haze

zaglet sunflower haze

Now, this doesn’t turn towards the Sun but this sneaker does turn heads towards itself for sure! Sunshine yellow Nappa, hints of Ivory, patent embossed reptilian patch (creams & taupes), and our statement barcode sole.

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